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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Are You A Pirate?

Sounds like a strange question to ask, right?
Did you know that pirates were not at all the drunken thugs you see depicted in movies?
They were in fact highly skilled sailors, with a well-coordinated network of collaborators, who could outmaneuver and out-strategize the global superpowers of the time.
There is a lot we can learn from the stories of the world greatest pirates.
For example, they were among the world's first equal-opportunity employers.
Some of them, like Blackbeard, were masters in personal branding.
They were challenging the status quo, fighting for justice and fair pay.
Golden Age pirates were innovative thinkers, with progressive ideas that still have plenty to teach us today.

Let's look at 5 traits they possessed for which they should be remembered:
  1. Fair pay: Every member of the crew got their fair share of the profit. The pay ratio for the captain compared to a regular crewman was 4 to 1. Try to find a CEO to employee ratio like that in a modern enterprise!
  2. Dual governance: Captains were responsible for planning and strategizing, but the quartermaster was responsible for keeping the crew happy and informing the captain about disputes.
  3. Democracy and voting: There was a one-pirate, one-vote rule so each crewmember had an equal voice in how things went.
  4. Healthcare and worker compensation: When a pirate was injured in the line of duty, he received fair compensation. Losing a leg for example would be compensated by 800 pieces of eight.
  5. Alcoholic innovation: You can't talk about pirates without mentioning rum. Sir Francis Drake is attributed with creating the world's first cocktail.
Why does this matter to you?
By taking on a pirate mindset in your own life, you can become a powerful agent of change and live a more inspired life!
How to be a good pirate:
  1. Find your cause: What rule do you find unfair, unjust or just plain annoying?
  2. Rewrite broken rules: This is about formulating a new or other way of doing things. Don't plan on a mutiny without having a better captain ready to take over ;-)
  3. Avoid mindless growth: Don't just grow for the sake of growing. Ensure you have a powerful network of collaborators that you can rely on to help you in times of need.
  4. Stay true to your values: Once you are on your way to facilitating the change you want to see, don't be tempted by enticing offers that will lead you astray. Follow your principles and stay true to them.
  5. Spread your message: Use the power of storytelling and branding to bring across your message. People like to think they make decisions based on ratio, but the truth is decisions are made through emotion. Stories speak to emotions.
  6. Create and enforce your own pirate code: With clear accountabilities in place, what a good pirate code can do is provide a concrete list that reflects who you are, what you care about and what you're trying to bring about.
To start off, you probably don't want to pick a world changing cause. Instead, start small.
It could be for example, what part of your job or relationship are you fed up with and would like to improve?
What can help is asking yourself the right questions:
  • If I could break any rule, what would it be, and how would I rewrite it?
  • Who out there would I most like to take down?
  • What, values or ideals am I willing to put my neck on the line for?
  • What principles do I care about so much that I’d actually fight for them?
If you would like to learn more about this interesting viewpoint, read the book from Sam Conniff Allende called 'Be More Pirate: Or How to Take On the World and Win'.
You can find it ==> here.
Hoist the sails, matey!

Author : Christian Tijsmans

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