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Friday, March 2, 2018

Time Management Tips - Assertively Use Boundaries And Create Your Personal Sanctuary in 3 Steps

What if you could protect time every week for those special activities that are just for you? Learn 3 steps to create and protect a personal sanctuary.

Time management tips protect your peace of mind when you prepare a tranquil haven for yourself. By creating a space where you can restore yourself and look within, you find new ways to deepen into the moment and enrich your understanding of time itself.

Perhaps you wonder if this sanctuary can survive the onslaught of daily demands. If the special time you promise yourself keeps getting postponed, use these 3 steps to learn how to sustain your sanctuary!

3 "Sanctuary Skills" to Develop

1. Simplify by prioritizing.

Whittle expectations and demands down to a bare minimum. Like a beautiful sculpture that's revealed by what's carved away, you delineate your values by removing the inessentials. Only as you learn to distinguish between your wants and your needs can you make the important decisions to safeguard your sanctuary.

* Take a few minutes to review what time choices you valued most deeply over these past few months. Which still retain a special glow? What part of you emerged? What do you feel grateful for?

* Write a few phrases that help distill what made those times special. Was it a rare moment of closeness? Quiet time to reflect and reminisce? Festive times with friends?

* How can you incorporate similar touchstones into your life as the normal pace of life resumes? List some options quickly.

2. Safeguard Your Sanctuary with Boundaries

What activities must you cut back on to create and maintain your sanctuary? For every fresh activity you want to say yes to, you will need to identify activities, perhaps habitual ones, to say no to. Boundaries are the line you draw between what goes into your basket of time, and what you must remove from the basket to make room for the new.

* In the same way you must build a dream cottage with a strong foundation and sturdy walls, you must construct your sanctuary with sturdy boundaries, to ensure you find the time.

* You create and protect your sanctuary every time you say no to distractions that are less important than your sanctuary time. Whether you set these boundaries with yourself or with others, you will find it becomes easier with practice!

3. Use Soft Boundaries as Comfort Cushions.

Creating soft boundaries in advance of your hard boundaries does wonders when it comes to reducing stress. What is a soft boundary? It is "the boundary before the boundary" that provides a generous margin of time to handle the inevitable surprises and complications that pop up. Or explaining to friends and family that you will be taking more time to yourself, well in advance of reserving a specific block of time.

What matters is that you are realigning your time to address your core needs. So long as you fulfill your baseline responsibilities, no one needs to understand or approve of your sanctuary time.

As you will discover, developing this loyalty to yourself through your sanctuary time can transform your sense of power, no matter what other demands are made upon your time.

Now, what can you do today to create life-altering changes for finding time?

By Paula Eder, PhD

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