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Friday, March 16, 2018

Successful People Have A Can Do Attitude

WARNING: The following material might prove to be inspirational and motivating: read at your own risk. In cases of extreme activation the only known remedy is to share this article with family, friends, associates and befuddled looking strangers.

Do we have potential beyond our normal acceptance levels? Absolutely! Have we, as the human race, the capacity for accomplishment to the benefit of all? Certainly! Is there any known limit on our creative abilities? No! Then what are we waiting for? Why don't we express in bigger, grander, more expansive ways?

Some of us already do. There are outstanding men and women in all fields. What about the rest of us? What holds us back? Perhaps, not having a clear-cut understanding of what an attitude of positive expectancy can do. Consider these 12 aspects of a "can-do attitude."

1) The can-do attitude does not think if, it thinks, how?

2) The can-do attitude does not think maybe, it thinks, when?

3) The can-do attitude thinks of possibilities, and then decides to make them realities.

4) The can-do attitude does not think it can, it knows it can, with the correct support and effort.

5) The can-do attitude is practical and knows it takes work to see dreams come true - and it works smarter not harder to achieve them.

6) The can-do attitude believes in itself. It believes in other people. It believes in the Organization. It believes in the future and wants to be a major part of it.

7) The can-do attitude knows when to work and when to rest, when to ask for help and when to go it alone.

8) The can-do attitude sees constant change as constant opportunity.

9) The can-do attitude cares about itself and looks out for the welfare of others.

10) The can-do attitude is a winner. It knows that a champion attains greatness by overcoming its own weaknesses and by helping others to grow to their full potential.

11) The can-do attitude stands tall on its own accomplishments, not by stepping on others.

12) The can-do attitude only knows one way to act and live: with courage, confidence, conviction and integrity.

Yes, we can have more, be more, do more. It is up to each of us to first believe it possible for our self, and then act accordingly with confidence. Why settle for less than our full potential? Why accept less than life will, willingly, give us if we do our part?

By Timothy J. O'Brien

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