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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Why Is Taking Action So Important?

Action makes results possible. It is the one thing the differentitates those who get what they want and those that hope to get what they want. Every action starts with a small step, which leads to bigger actions and then momentum is created.

Funny how one day slips into the next before you hardly notice it. Sometimes you can just amble along, letting life go by and enjoying each day as it comes, because there's always another day. There's no rush.

And yes, life could be more fulfilling. You could be putting more into that course, or that job, or that relationship, and maybe next year you'll knuckle down and see about changing direction to something you really want to do.

But not right now. Let's just enjoy the here and now. Life's too short to get too worried.

The trouble with drifting is that it is directionless. Floating along with the tide means that you don't use your arms and your legs or your head or your heart. It takes no effort. The current does all the work while you just need to lie back and watch the clouds drifting overhead.

It's comfortable.
What do you plan to do with what's left of the rest of your life? You're thinking about getting around to something next year. Is this when you'll be ready to climb out of the river, build yourself a boat and steer your way to your goal?

But you know what? Every year is the same. Every year someone says "well maybe when I have more time I'll do such and such." Or "when the kids have left school and left home, I'll do this." Or maybe even "when I retire, I'll have more time."

Life is slipping past.
Now is your moment. Right now! This minute! The words you're reading right here on this page mark each and every second of your precious life floating past.

Take action now to find your true purpose in life. Discover what it is that will fill you with excitement and inspiration. Live every second of your life. You deserve to feel the joy of living.

Get yourself into a boat, take the paddle, and row with the current to where you want to be, where you want to go, where you know you will find happiness and fulfilment.

Don't wait until next year, or when you retire, or when the time feels right. Think about what it is you want in life and where you want to be.

And take the first step into that future.

The time is now. Take action. Right now!


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