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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Secrets Of How To Boost Self Esteem

Take this simple test to see if you have problems with low self esteem.1) Do you think that other people have better clothes, jobs, cars, or relationships than you do?
2) When someone tells you they love your outfit, do you say to yourself "Yeah Right!"?
3) Do you have problems giving your opinion even when it is asked for, fearing that people will think whatever you say is stupid?

Have you ever feared doing something because you felt you weren't good enough? Do you often dismiss compliments or consider a success of yours no big deal. Have you decided not to ask someone on a date or accept a date because you felt they were "too good looking" or "out of your league"?

These are all classic signs of low self esteem. Negative comments from your parents, authority figures and peers while you were growing up are all a big cause of low self esteem. These messages are accepted at a young age and replay in your subconscious mind.

There are many, many programs that claim to be effective at self esteem improving...and many are. I will discuss what I feel the most effective programs have in common to increase self esteem.

The most effective programs for self esteem improving teach you how to let go and release the subconscious feelings and programs the cause low self esteem in the first place.

You see, you came into this world perfect, absolutely perfect. And then while you were young, the criticism piled up as did the negative suggestions etc...or, maybe none of this happen to you but you interpreted your parent's actions toward you in a negative way.

These feelings and thoughts, once accepted by your subconscious mind, they begin to color everything you do and cover up your perfection much like dust on a beautiful, luxury table.

Once you these feelings go, it is just like wiping the dust off the table...your perfection will begin to shine.

Because your subconscious thoughts and feelings cause low self esteem, I don't feel that self esteem affirmations, which are a popular recommendation, work.

It is just like putting fresh apples on top of rotten apples in a bucket...all of the apples will become rotten. In this case, the affirmations will just get rejected.

You can't change a thought or belief in your subconscious by brute force or by repeating affirmations.

Affirmations will increase self esteem if you don't have any idea that is counter to it in your subconscious.

I really feel that the best methods of increasing self esteem are the methods that release the garbage in your subconscious mind.

Low self esteem colors every thing we do from the way we look, feel, and appear to others. That is why self esteem and obesity are almost always linked together.

So the best way to increase self esteem is to let go of the feelings that cause it...and when you do all areas of your life will improve simultaneously and you will notice your self esteem improving dramatically.

I really hope you enjoyed this article. Remember, you are perfect. Absolutely perfect. It is those subconscious thoughts and feelings that are covering up your perfection...and they are very easy to let go of when you know how.


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