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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Improve Focus And Concentration: Studying For Exams

For many students, when exams are announced, a fear overcomes them. A sense of dread fills them and they panic. This is due in part because exams are a very stressful time for many students. The fear of getting a bad grade, or worse failing the exam forces the student to literally keep their nose in a book, studying hour after hour, for weeks on end.
Perhaps the worst part of knowing an exam is approaching. The pressure builds and it makes if difficult to concentrate on studying. To study successfully, and retain what you have read, requires extreme concentration. This is called productive studying. Believe it or not, it is not as easy as it sounds. 

Many people find that the pressure of upcoming exams stunts their power of concentration. They are unable to focus on just one subject long enough to retain the information necessary to pass the exams. There are some steps that you can take to assist you in concentrating.

The first thing you should do is to find a quiet place to study

Do not sit in the living room with the television on, you will find yourself watching TV instead of studying. This is the number on distraction for teenagers. Another big distraction is trying to study with music on in the background. You need a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by siblings or normal household activities. Those who say they can study better with music on do not realize that they are actually creating a distraction for themselves.

When you find a quiet place to study, make sure that you will be comfortable and the lighting is adequate. You do not want to strain your eyes trying to read, it will only give you a headache. You also do not want to study in the cellar or garage; these places usually are musty and can distract you from studying from a subconscious level.

When you choose a place to study, it is not recommended that you study outdoors. On a beautiful spring day, you may find yourself taking a catnap instead of studying. Drinking a beverage that has caffeine in it may help you to stay awake. You are also chancing running into friends that may also distract you from studying. Choosing the perfect place to study is crucial to your concentration. It should be well lit and well ventilated, with nothing to stimulate your senses at all.

It is important that you study one subject at a time. You may also be hurting your chances of retaining what you have studied when it is time to take your exam you are risking failure. Studying multiple subjects at the same time will only aid in confusing you, and when you take your exam, you may get the subjects confused.

It is important that you develop good study habits in your early school years. As you go up in grades it will become more difficult because you will have more subjects to study. Concentration is the key to good study habits. These habits will follow you through your adult life. When you create good study habits, you are increasing power of concentration that is necessary in everyday life.


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