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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Do I Need To Set Goals?

Have you ever wondered why some people never achieve a fraction of what they dream of? It's because if they don't set goals than all they are doing is just dreaming.Learning to set goals is the key component that most people are missing in success and positive accomplishments. It is like building a house with a deadline. You know from the beginning what need to be done when so you can complete to house on time.

When you take the time to set goals you have a blueprint for success. Now you will be able to track your efforts and make adjustments as needed to ensure that you meet your objective.

Taking the time to set goals means that you are proactive instead of reactive. The difference is huge and allows you to approach potential problems form a position of strength. By approaching your difficulties from this position of strength you are much calmer and therefore more capable of a creative solution leading to a breakthrough.

After you have set goals in place it will be easier for you to check your progress towards your goal. You will find that checking your progress along the way actually helps with your confidence as well as keeping you on track to reach your goal.

When you set goals you've made a good start but if you don't take action then nothing will happen. You must drive yourself to take action towards your goals and have the perseverance to continue even in the face of adversity. The key to achieving your goal is never giving up.

The key to being successful when you set goals, is settin goals for yourself that are realistic and based on your capabilities, you also need to take into account external factors that may contribute to achieving your goal. If you're too ambitious when you set up goals sometimes they are unrealistic and difficult to achieve. But be careful that you don't set goals that are too low either. You goals should be something that get you excited and if they're too low that won't happen.

It important to understand that when you set goals they must have a deadline. Otherwise they are just dreams. Once you have set a deadline then you need to set mile stones along the way. The other thing that will happen is that you will know how much action you will need to take to achieve your goal.

Once you set goals and start to experience success even if it's just one of your mile stones or smaller goals be sure to celebrate. This is powerful positive feedback that your brain needs to help you continue on to greater and greater success.

I hope you see that you can set goals for any part of your life. The process is the same for a personal goal or a financial goal. Whether your goal is a small one like getting a raise or a big one like owning your own company the process is the same and it all starts with taking the time to set goals.


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