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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Do You Let Your Mistakes Define You?

"I think we all wish we could erase some dark times in our lives. But all of life's experiences, bad and good, make you who you are. Erasing any of life's experiences would be a great mistake." -Luis Miguel Do you know anyone who has never made a mistake? I'm not talking about the people who think they're always right - they don't realize it but thinking they're always right is a mistake! Anyway, we ALL make mistakes. Some big, some small. Some very public and some that are still skeletons in our closets.
To view very public mistakes all you have to do is turn on the TV. Tiger Woods, Sarah Ferguson, Bill Clinton, Jesse James etc. Famous people's mistakes are plastered everywhere. Then there are the private mistakes that some people carry around for a lifetime; their dirty little secrets.

Obviously big mistakes cause bigger consequences in your life. Little mistakes are typically forgotten quickly. But, it's not the mistakes that we make that define us; it is how we choose to pick up the pieces of our lives after these mistakes and move on.

Number one and above all else, you have to learn to forgive yourself. Holding onto the guilt, shame, regret and self-reproach is like living the mistake over and over again and what good does that do you?

Number two, you have to learn from your mistakes. If you don't, you can count on experiencing them again since you didn't figure it out the first time around. Adversities can teach us our greatest lessons in life.

And, hopefully you'll realize that just because you made a mistake doesn't mean you allow it to negate all of the good choices you've made and the goodness that is in your heart. And, you don't have to carry it around like an albatross around your neck.

I once made a mistake by trusting the wrong person. Not only was he my boyfriend but he was also the biggest mistake in my life. He ended up stealing $35,000 dollars from me. My first mistake was ignoring the signs, and that little mistake ended up turning into a very expensive mistake for me in the long run.

I could have reacted in a number of ways. I could have gone to bed for a year and cried. I could have been become vengeful. I could have carried around hate, anger and resentment. Or, I could begin to pick up the pieces of my life, brush off the filth that I allowed to enter my life and move on.

Sure I beat myself up for being so stupid. I cried, not for him, but for the hard earned money I worked so hard for and lost. And, I chalked it up to a bad investment and one that I will never make again.

But, what I didn't do is let it ruin my life. The compilation of my life is so much more than that one mistake. I have so many more blessings in my life that if I focused on what went wrong I would miss out on all that is right!

Mistakes are what human beings do, its part of living. But, what truly defines us is our spirit. After all, we are all spiritual beings having these human experiences. It's not about our mistakes in life that defines who we are, it's about the character that is built because of them, the wisdom that we gain from them and the knowledge that when we do make mistakes we will get beyond them and still live a great life.

Author: Susan Russo

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