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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Creating Passion – How To LOVE What You Do

Creating passion is a challenge isn’t it - trying to love what you dread. Be it a client or an account or even a certain process in the work you do.
Sometimes just that one thing alone makes it difficult for you to even climb out of bed. Passion for your work is such a romantic term. Can passion be truly created? I believe it can. How do you create passion for your work?

Here are some simple steps I have used in creating passion for what I do. Get excited over them and perform well at work.

1. Ignore The Inner Chatter. Do It Anyway. Whether you like it or not, you have to do the work. Our mind acts in such a way that it tries to control us. While you feel that you own your mind, unless you train it to, you will never be able to ignore it. Especially, the inner chatter.

Before you even start, it will tell you, it sucks, it cannot work and it this will destroy your life. Ask yourself, does whatever you need to do help you in whatever way in your life later? If it is a yes, do it well. If it is a no, ask yourself can it possibly help you later? Chances are it will. So, look at this as a way of paying your future dues. This is one way of creating passion.

Learn to change your perception. When you change your perception, you change your reality. Because your perception is your reality.

2. The Why of You? Why are you, you? And what is it you do that matters? What is your contributionso that you matter? We live because we want to matter. We want to contribute in meaningful ways. Work is our service to the world. It is what allows us to sweat to earn a spot in this world. Do you understand the why of you? If you do not, work is an excellent place to discover - YOU.

And how do you discover yourself? By doing. By experimenting. If you continue to say, I do not like this and never try, your life will be miserable. This world isn’t about you, you, you. It’s about how you add to the world. When you can connect what you like to how you do what you do not like, you light the path to the why of you. You can be creating passion just by learning to discover you.

3. What Is It You Do Not Know? Surely, you cannot know everything. So, what you do not like makes you learnnew things. If we keep doing what we like we will not improve. If you are a pianist and you keep playing the pieces you do best, you won’t improve much. To improve ourselves at work and in life, we have to force ourselves to learn and do things we may not enjoy. Learn to be curious. It helps in creating passion.

The more we are curious about things, the more we find out why. The more why we know, the more meaningful things are to us.

4. Make It Meaningful 

If you want passion to appear, you need to make things meaningful to yourself. How does this relate to you? In the most obscure fashion, we can all make things seemingly unrelated to us carry some meaning. Dig deep into yourself. See it from another perspective.

How can you use this to contribute to your life? How can you use this to contribute to your world? Your family? How will someone you love benefit from this?

5. Cut The Ropes Stop feeling miserable. Unless you quit your job, you still have to do what you have to do. You might as well do it well. After all, your reputation is on it. Tell yourself, I GET to do. Not, I HAVE to do. It’s a huge difference. Get tells you, it’s an opportunity. Have makes you feel forced.

One trick to creating passion is not to worry about the results. Focus on the process. What you will learn and how it will contribute to your future. At the very least, it teaches you patience and it challenges your limits.

6. Set A Goal Most of us are goal oriented people. We want to reach a certain destination. Gives yourself a goal as far as your work is concerned. What is that goal. When you have an objective in sight, you naturally look for the fuel that propels you there. It’s kind of like having a car and knowing where you want to go. But without fuel. What would you do next? Look for fuel.

Same goes with work. Be clear with your goals. Once you have the goal, your next task is to focus on getting the fuel. The frustration of standing still will force you to get moving. Having goals can help you in creating passion.

7. Surround Yourself With Energy Get around people who are excited. It cannot be that everyone on the team is not excited. We are who we communicate with because we feed off each other. If you feel you are not as enthusiastic about a certain project, get behind people who are as excited. Their excitement will rub off on you. It will make you overcome the initial inertia. You will gain traction and momentum when you make an effort internally and you surround yourself with energetic people.

Passion is not innate. We can learn to be passionate about our work. No one job has all the nice things. Each have it’s nice and ugly side. The trick is to make sure we accept the good and the bad. As we alter our own perception and ACTupon our work, naturally the passion will well up inside us.

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