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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Are You A Thinker, A Talker, Or a Walker?

A few days before I wrote this 'tip of the week' I heard a man saying 'There are three kinds of people "thinkers, walkers, and talkers..."
It made me stop and think and I believe the reflections are worth sharing.

In reality, there are probably more like a billion kinds of people on this planet. I've never been a fan of categorization and black and white questions about "what kind of person are you".


Sometimes it's up to us to create results in our life. Maybe it's business, romance, or just some personal need we want to fulfill in our lives but there are definitely times when we need to plan, execute, and measure.

So for purposes of those times in life when results matter, I think it's fair to say there are three basic types of people:

First we have the thinkers. These are the day dreaming what-ifers who spend most of their time conceptualizing, making lists, etc. Some of their concepts are brilliant, but for the most; that's as far as they get in the process of creation.

Being only a thinker isn't going to get you much in terms of achievements. Planning and writing down what you want are great steps, but these tactics are no end in themselves.

Then there are the talkers. Talkers may or may not think before opening their mouth, but they are essentially a step above folks who just plan and make lists.

These types are very interactive about their ideas and objectives. Every time you see them they have a new game plan, and an even better idea than what they were talking about the last time you met.

But as they say, talk is cheap. Sharing ideas with others, brainstorming and networking for instance, can be an very powerful part of any process but if that's as far as you take it well... it's not any better than just keeping your mouth shut and making notes.

And finally, for the purpose of this exercise, we have the walkers. These are the action takers in life and the people who spend the time doing and not just thinking and talking.

What's interesting is that sometimes people think, talk, and then act. But the first two steps are not always necessary.

In reality many times a "walker" will just get up and take action before they realize they had a winning idea on their hands. I'm not trying to downplay the value of making plans and getting feedback from others on your ideas, but if you had to choose from one of the three models illustrated in this 'tip of the week' I'd push you toward being a walker.

Trust your intuition and move forwards in action! Don't spend all your time thinking or talking about something you want when right now is the best time to DO just about anything on your objective list.

I've thought, talked, and walked a good deal in my life but when I've been truly inspired and really wanted something with all of my being I have found myself in motion before ever taking the time to brainstorm or chat about the issue.

Interested in becoming a walker?...

Author: Nick James

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