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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Power of a Smile

"Smile. Your smile lights up a room." It was more than 20 years ago and I had been going through a difficult time. The stress was starting to show on my face. One of my mentors took me aside and she said: " Smile, your smile could charm a ratbat!" 

Even though I had never encountered a 'ratbat' it made me smile immediately to know that my smile was so powerful... I have taken this lesson to heart and have never forgotten these words. I smile regularly and teach others to do the same.

I have traveled to countries in Asia where I was told people don't normally interact with 'foreigners'. Yet I made friends simply by walking down the street wearing a smile on my face.

Several of my Asian friends later told me they had never approached a westerner on the street before meeting me. They felt intimidated to do so but somehow I seemed friendly because of my smile. And my smile put them at ease.

As a former teacher to International students I often heard from my students that my smile made them feel comfortable. But the secret I never shared with them that I'm sharing with you is I came to learn that my smile makes me better looking.

Here's a secret for women: if you wear a smile more often you may find you don't need as much make-up. You may even appear younger than your age. How is that for a fountain of youth tip?

Here are some exercises to get you smiling…

-Before you get out of bed in the morning visualize a pleasant memory.

Hold something in your mind that puts a smile on your face. Keep that memory in front of you as you go through your day.

-Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror then smile. Smile at yourself in the mirror every chance you get. Smile with people you never smiled at before. Smile with those you interact with in your daily encounters.

-If visualizing doesn't work for you, place a picture of something fun on your night table. In the morning, as you prepare to get out of bed to start your day take a look at that picture and smile.

- Keep a picture that holds fond memories in your wallet and at

intervals during your day take it out, look at it and smile.

Try these exercise every day for at least 90 days! Observe the difference they make to your life.

Author: Lorna Blake

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