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Friday, September 8, 2017

The 1-2-3 Step Process Of Self Improvement

The self improvement process involves steps that will not likely be acheived without the accomplishment of their preceding steps. As humans, we find it very difficult to adjust to changes all at once, because we have already been programmed to do and see things a particular way. It does not mean that it is impossible. It simply entails that completing the final stage of the process requires discipline, patience and persistence. 
Rome was not built in a day, as the popular proverb goes. Thus, if we want to reap the benefits and enjoy what our self-improvement changes can bring, we must learn to be patient. The process of self improvement does not and will not happen overnight.

Remember that personal and professional changes take some time to get used to and some degree of adjustment on our part; so we should never seek to push ourselves to adapt immediately, or these efforts will just end up in vain.

Self improvement does not happen with simply thinking that we want to improve. We have to act on this 'want' and transform it into a 'need'. Saying that we want to improve is just the beginning of this challenging process.

The basic self improvement process consists of three simple steps:

1) Deciding that you really want to improve,

2) Acting on it, and

3) Maintaining the goal in mind.

To truly get ahead in life, we have to accept that sacrifices will have to be made. For example, if we choose to join a Stop Drinking support group, we have to exercise maximum discipline to stay away from the 'enemy'. We should make every effort to avoid situations that put us in a position where choice becomes very difficult and just stay focus by repeating the benefits of the endeavour to ourselves.

We must have a good follow through for the self improvement process to really work. If we only act on it and then change our minds, or fail to stick with it, it would be like we never started to achieve anything, at all. Keeping both our eyes on the goal at all times is key. Self improvement does not stop when something is accomplished, because it is a continuous process.

Who ever said getting ahead in life was easy? Your journey will surely be difficulty, not just based on external factors, but also from yourself. If you truly want to better your life, you must realize that your worst enemy will be yourself, which is, ironically, the most difficult part to conquer. However, if you set your heart and soul into your goal and convince yourself that though the path is rocky there is a great reward waiting for you at the finish line, you will be able to survive and excel.

Life is a challenge. Conquering your inner fears and apprehensions will make your journey much more challenging. However, it will not be so if you know that you can do it. The process of self improvement is challenging, but very rewarding once you surpass the obstacles. You just have to keep a positive and open mind all the time.

Author: andrew chin

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