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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Just Do It

"It's easy to say that."

I can't tell you how often I hear that expression when I first start coaching or consulting with someone. After they have delivered their "Oh, woe is me" speech, I will usually tell them some simple insight for success. They will then respond with those famous words. 

People who have lived their life swimming around in mediocrity and excuses don't want to hear that having a successful life or a successful business can truly be as easy as defining some core beliefs, establishing some procedures and just sticking to them.

But it's not all their fault.
Most of us were brought up with family and friends telling us that "life is hard," and that we had to be "realistic" in our goals. And if by chance we had the will to pursue our dream for a while we were told to "get serious" and "grow up" right after our first little mistake. That is usually where most people give up.

Of course, our families and friends had good intentions. But we all know what the road to Hell is paved with…

So we find ourselves ready to start a business or in the middle of trying to grow an existing business. Yet we feel like we keep "screwing up" and all we can hear are those well-meaning voices in our head telling us to give up.

That's usually when a consultant or coach, like me, is called in. People like to think that someone else can magically change their life or their business.

The truth is we can help your life or your business, but we can't change them for you.

We give value to our clients by helping them move beyond their internal distractions (like those "helpful" voices), recognize their needs, utilize their assets, and create realistic plans so they can confidently and competently build their businesses.

However, none of a coach or consultant's work is worth a dime if the client doesn't give up their sob story and take action.

So, when you're about to tell yourself why you can't do this or that, remember that "this or that" are things that many people have done before today and that many more will do after today, so they are not impossible. Thus, you can easily do "this or that."

Now all you have to do is just do it.

Yeah, I know. "It's easy to say that."

Source: http://www.ideacopy.com/just-do-it-a75962.html
Author: Erik Luhrs

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