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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

How Do I Achieve Success?

If you do something and accomplish it’s intended purpose we call it a success. If you work with goal setting and reach the goal you are successful. The opposite is if you work to accomplish a goal and not reach it, it is a failure. A person with a record of successes we call an achiever. Successful people become even more successful. There is nothing that motivates more than succeeding, but only if you can associate a certain effort as a cuase of the successful accomplishment.
You are able to make a decision to become more successful in whatever you try to accomplish. Guided by your awareness you can set goals and you can strive toward your goals until you succeed. You can decide to be more successful in listening to others, in smiling, in being patient, you can even decide to take the lead and be in control. You can choose to be a more successful parent, daughter, son, partner, friend, employee or employer. God gave you the power to choose a life of self-improvement and a commitment to helping others and as a matter of fact; no one can take this power from you. You can live the life you want and be successful, happy and have peace of mind.

Like I've already said; being successful is motivational. To be successful however, you must be a self-reliant person that takes charge of action. In addition to this you must be willing to aquire certain knowledge and work hard for yourself as well as for your family and even the larger community. To succeed has nothing to do with religion but rather an ideal that all major religions have in common. It's a principal that serves as an inspirational guide to reinforce your own system of values. You must create your own independent philosophy of succeeding and transform this into your daily action plans or to-do list.

The choice to become successful belongs to you. In fact, You are selecting yourself to succeed in whatever action you are taking. This may sound so simple that most of us are not able to see the power of this fact. But if you do it again and again you will succeed, which will make you even more successful... and so on. Action is Key. Just try.

Author: Terje Ellingsen

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