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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Get Rid Of Procrastination Now by John Paul Richards

Break the habit of postponing or delaying actions and tasks right now with these three simple tips!
1. Start from within. Procrastination is, foremost, an internal issue. Hence, to get rid of this unhealthy habit, one has to deal with his inner struggle first. But how? a. Acceptance. There is a need to acknowledge that something needs to be changed. As long as the person is denying the truth about how procrastination is causing him problems and delays in life, he will not be able to get out of that rut. However, once he settles this concern, the rest would be easy.

b. Positive self-talk. It is easy to get angry at one’s self for being a procrastinator. However, this would not help the person in any way. The better option is to say good things about one’s self instead. Affirm one’s self with positive words like “I am becoming more disciplined each day” or “I can overcome being a procrastinator.” The more the person will confess these things, the earlier the changes would take place.

c. Visualization. The person needs to see himself as disciplined and always on time from now on. There should be a clear picture in his mind of what he hopes to be in the future. As the adage goes, if one can see it in his mind, it can become a reality for him.

d. Belief in himself. He needs to understand that he has what it takes to overcome procrastination. He has to believe in his ability to be in control over laziness and other delaying tactics that keep him from accomplishing tasks that need to done.

2. Do one baby step. Procrastinators know that the first step is the hardest to take. However, once this baby step is taken, it can lead to a domino effect and before the person notices it, the task is already finished. Therefore, aim to start right away even with a simple step. After all, even the farthest destination starts with the first step. The same is true with the hardest task. After the initial step is accomplished, the energy is usually sufficient to complete the task.

Procrastinators like to look at the deadline of the tasks. If the allotted time is still a long way to go, the tendency is to ignore the task first. By taking the first step toward the fulfillment of the task, whether the deadline is near or far, the bad habit of delaying things can be broken.

3. Pat yourself on the back. Whenever the task is completed and submitted before the required date, the person should be generous with praise and appreciation to himself. This would reinforce the positive behavior. He should instill in his mind the benefits of not cramming. He should remember the good feeling of not rushing to submit on time. When another assignment is presented, he can start with the remembrance of how wonderful it felt when a previous task was accomplished on time. This will motivate him to start the project right away.

Procrastination can be stopped right now. Don’t delay taking action and get rid of it today!

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