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Friday, September 15, 2017

Aspire To Be Yourself

In the everlasting journey called life, human beings are almost amusing in a strange kind of way. Most people think and believe that they have to "live up" to another family member, relative, or screen idol. Some even have become envious or jealous of popular celebrities and want or even aspire to look, think, and act and be like the famous stars of the silver screen. 
TV ads and commercials tell us that we "need" those particular services and products to "make" us look better, think better, feel better and smell better. Because of this, some people have become so obsessed in their desire and constant search for perfection that they lose sight of who they really are in the first place.

One of the most unusual ideologies of most individuals is that they truly believe that they could literally "alter" or "transform" themselves into another person. Other societal influence is exhibited and displayed by models and almost perfect celebrities—as they all possess those seemingly unreachable physical attributes, with matching innate self-confidence to boot.

But the bottom line is: no one is born perfect and not all actors and models have flawless face and bodies. Not all people are born with fabulous hair and smooth and great skin. So what do we do about it—we improvise and then we compromise. We improvise or experiment with makeup, clothing, products, and services and so on.

We compromise ourselves in the process though, because we become no longer "true" to our inborn natural form. And people who think and feel that they "should" actually alter themselves to look like other person, is moreover an issue of self esteem—or lack of it. The best and most successful goal in life is to "aspire to be yourself." Okay, now try looking at yourself in the mirror.

Ask that person the following questions: 1.) What defines me as a person and what are my goals in life? 2.) What do I want to do and am I happy with my self? 3.) How do I wish others to see me? 4.) What are my aspirations and dreams? 5.) Am I even confident with my self? 6.) Do I really "need" to alter or transform myself? 7.) What more can I do to be happier and most significantly, do I even know where am I going in my life? When you begin to aspire to be you, one does not need to compare for other personalities.

In aspiring to be you, there are no paradoxes. A person has to merely look within to find her/his distinct definition of life and how he/she expresses himself/herself in the community. When you begin to aspire being you, you don not have to be a superhero or a rich and famous celebrity.

Just be yourself—in body, mind and spirit. Aspire to be like yourself, the gift of nature to mankind. When you aspire to be you, it is how you present yourself to you, and not defining yourself by becoming somebody else. When you like yourself and find contentment within you, the journey of life would be sailing smooth.

Author: Amy Twain

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