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Monday, September 4, 2017

Are You Negative?

"Those free of resentments surely feel peace." -Buddha 

When you live your life holding onto negative feelings such as: resentment, revenge, jealousy, feeling cheated, anger, hatred, hurt etc. be prepared to be miserable and live an in unhappy way. 
These emotional chains imprison you. Your aura is dark and trust me people pick up on it. Typically the words you speak, the little comments you make about everything and your beliefs reflect that inner ugliness.

If you find yourself carrying any of these dark demons around with you the good news is you can rid yourself of this burden with something called "free will."

Of course there are times when you may experience any of the above emotions, they are short lived, you get through them and you toss aside what doesn't serve you well.

It's when you hold onto them and you won't let go that they become a part of who you are and will define how you live. The negativity will permeate all that you do and you will start to be known for it. And who wants that to be a description of their personality?

Some people have been negative and have held onto these kinds of thoughts for so long that they don't realize that it's a choice. They just wake up every day with the same heavy burden because they accept it as simply being a part who they are and how they live. They can't see how dark they really are and it's sad because that is no way to live!

But your life is what you make it. It always has been and always will be. You have a choice, to either allow what has happened in your past suck the joy out of your life or you can decide that each moment is precious and begin to live the way God/Allah/Your Higher Power intended you to live.

That is free will at its finest. You choose to live or die, figuratively speaking. You choose whether you are going to live with laughter and appreciation or with a poor-me-life-is-so-tough attitude.

We all have struggles and adversities, but man-o-man, what are you going to do, let them destroy you? Let them dictate your attitude? Let them turn you into a bitter person?

Some people say life is short so live each moment to the fullest. But I say, "Life is long" so you better hunker down for the journey and make it one of wonder and joy and learn how to find peace within you. And more importantly, learn to lighten up.

Each day you choose your attitude. Each day you wake up and choose to have fun, laugh, love and make it the best day you can or you make yourself and everyone else a little less happy being around you.

So if you find yourself walking down the path to negativity or perhaps you're already living in the house at the end of that street, remember, you have the free will to take your life in any direction you choose.

Learn to look at life through the eyes of a child, learn to start each day with appreciation and learn to laugh again.

Life is long and if you do your part in making it the best you can, believe me it will be so much more fun and you won't take yourself so seriously anymore. And you might even stop making everything you do seem like a chore!

So, exercise your free will to live without the heaviness of resentment and the burden of negative emotions and it will be the best choice you ever make for yourself and everyone around you!


Author: Susan Russo

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