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Thursday, September 7, 2017

3 Keys to Happiness

What is the secret to living a happy, fulfilled and prosperous life? I suspect there are as many different answers to this as the people you ask, but I would also suspect that many answers would revolve around the concepts of working hard, being dedicated, responsible, persistent, optimistic, being organized and having well-defined goals. According to our parents and teachers, these characteristics may give you a greater chance of a prosperous life, but what about being happy? What will give you the best chance of having a happy life? 
In may sound selfish, but there is nothing more important in life than feeling good and this should be the rule that we all live our lives by. It is a very basic tenant of the Law of Attraction, that like attracts like, and if you are feeling good, then other good things will come to you.

When we focus on the things that we desire, in order to bring these into our experience we need to focus with positive emotion in order to put ourselves in vibrational alignment with what we desire. We can do this best when we are feeling good.

The secret to achieving things that make us happy in life is to do what feels good and to trust our emotional guidance system. No-one knows better than our inner self what is going to make us happy and we need to learn to recognize and take note of our intuition and emotions. If something goes against your values or makes you feel uncomfortable, then don't do it. Your inner guidance system has a vested interest in allowing you to feel good and you should trust your inner feelings even when they go against logic (perhaps, especially when they go against logic!)

Keep in mind these three keys to a happy life:

1. Make a point of doing something every day which makes you feel good. It may be stealing an extra 10 minutes in bed in the morning (careful not to overdo it as rushing out to work without your breakfast certainly won't improve your mood!), enjoying a coffee with a friend at lunchtime, listening to a favorite song or just spoiling yourself with a relaxing bath in the evening. It doesn't need to be anything big or significant but will just help to raise your emotional vibrations into the happy end of the scale.

2. Likewise, make a point of eliminating things in your life which do not feel good. If it's something you really can't avoid, don't dwell on it or worry about it, just do it and get it over with. If it's something you can delegate or get away without doing, so much the better. Remember, just thinking about something which makes you worried or anxious is setting up the wrong vibrations and will attract more of the same.

3. Lastly, stop worrying about what others think. It may cause some friction if your way of thinking doesn't match that of the people around you but you can't make anyone else happy. We must each do what makes us feel good and we can only be responsible for our own happiness. The best we can do for others is to set a good example!

Author: Julie Martyn

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