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Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Conquer Fear in 3 Minutes or Less

There are only 3 things you need to know about fear to conquer it... and when you read this, be sure that you take some time to absorb it, because it will blow you away... so get ready for these because when you truly understand what I am writing here, your fears will disolve. Are you ready for this?...: 

1. Fear is an emotion about something that we anticipate will happen, but that hasn't actually happened yet.

Think about this, fear is an emotion about something that hasn't even happened yet!

2. Emotions, such as fear, are a creation of the mind and simply put are chemicals in the brain. In other words, they are not even tangible things.

As chemists and quantum physicists have now shown, everything we see is an image that stems from the chemicals that get passed back and forth in the brain on the molecular and atomic level. This means that emotions such as fear are simply chemicals or an illusion so to speak made real by our minds - this means the emotion of fear is actually not real.

3. When connected, as spiritual beings living a human experience, fear doesn't exist and is instead replaced with peace, love, understanding, and divine guidance.

Take some time to reflect on what you have just read.

And if you haven't already let go of fear here is an example of how you could use these three tenets.

We'll use the example of the fear of not having money.

Let's run through these three tenets:
1. Do you have money now? Of course you do or you wouldn't be reading this e-newsletter! Does it mean that you will have money tomorrow, not necessarily, but tomorrow is irrelevant as it is not what you are actually experiencing right now!

2. Since everything we see or think for that matter is created by the mind, the synapses (chemical, biological and neural connections) that are occurring in your brain are relaying the message that you may not have money tomorrow... this means that it is not actually really occurring, but the concept or illusion of it is through chemicals in your brain!

3. In the realm of spirit and connection with the universe and source from which you spring, there is no such thing as lack or poverty! Fear of not having money does not exist anywhere else because it is just an illusion created in your mind. Spirit is infinite and would never fear not having some aspect of itself!

If I were in your shoes, what I would say to myself is the fear of not having money is not real and therefore unfounded. At the same time it is also not actually happening right now, nor is it a truth that the universe even experiences lack. I don't know about you, but that busted apart any fear I have ever had about not having enough money or not having enough security.

Try this out on your own on any fear that you have and let me know how it goes...
The moral of this e-zine is:

Fear is nothing more than an illusion of the mind of something that hasn't even happened yet and it is far more useful to learn how to tap into and trust the divine guidance that exists inside of you that always steers you clear of harms way toward loving, peaceful, and joy-filled experiences and opportunities.

This may be a strong message, but I hope that it has reminded you of your true infinite and unlimited self, within which fear is not real.

Until next time, may you be divinely guided and may you Be-inspired!


Joshua Zuchter

Author: Joshua Zuchter

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