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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Face Any Personal Challenge with Three Key Questions

Whenever I find myself facing a personal challenge I always focus on three core questions. I ask myself who I am, what I stand for and how I choose to "do" me (do is active - be is passive). Next time you are faced with a challenge, whether it is a choice you have to make or a job you'd rather not undertake, ask yourself these important questions to determine your best course of action.

Who are you right now? 

This is not about who you want to be in the future. It's not what you have stuck on a vision board for the next five years, but who you are right at this moment. Who you are right now will be your foundation for where you can go.

Choose five of your great qualities and tell yourself that no matter how tired, frustrated or overwhelmed you are, you remain, for example, strong, intelligent, thoughtful, caring and vibrant. In asking yourself who you are, be truthful with the answers to the following: a) Do you aim to achieve goals - not dreams? b) Will you grow and develop in the areas that you need to in order to seek more capacity to add value to these goals? c) Will you ask for advice, information or knowledge to assist in this growth? This is important because fear and ignorance are not bliss, they are ego without restraint - and not seeking answers will erode your positive development.

Clarifying who you are will place your personal challenge in the context of how you see it and how it should be assessed - as a problem, an opportunity or a logical next step.

What do you stand for? 

Will you action decisions that may or may not be liked, if it means that you will keep your core stability? Will you keep your belief that you were born to be doing exactly what you are doing - even when criticized, condemned and challenged by society? If not, it may be time to reassess what you stand for.

By knowing where you stand you will remain on track to fulfill the goals that you have set and they will remain an anchor when you're faced with any hurdle.

Clarifying what you stand for will give you the strength to determine your course of action for your personal challenge - is it undertaking research to find out more about the situation or making a decision to support or decline a person or offer?

How do you choose to "do" you? 

How you choose to "do" you is perhaps the most significant of all decisions in challenging times and in challenging situations.

Identify your strengths, recognize when you are using them and call on them when you are being challenged. Some great strengths that many of us have are directness, warmth, love and humor. How and why do we use them? - With directness we are never misinformed of where we all sit with each other - With warmth we are able to breach the hardest defences - With love we stay honest to our core beliefs and with people that mean the most to us - With humor we are able to move any ill will aimed at us when under attack

Your strengths may be your ability to see the bigger picture, your organization, your compassion - write them down and they will stay clear when you need to call on them.

Clarifying your strengths will allow you to resolve how you deliver your response to your personal challenge and will determine the ways in which you share your reasons for overcoming your challenge with those around you.

It has never been more important than at this time in our humanity to know who we are, what we stand for and how we choose to "do" us. Never more so than now are we constantly subjected to scaremongering from the media, our wider community and those around us who perhaps do not know who they are, what they stand for and how to "do" them.

By not knowing the answers to these three questions - who you are, what you stand for and how you choose to "do" you - you are vulnerable to being subjected to others' opinions, whims or movements that actually pull you AWAY from where you are meant to be and where you are meant to GO.

Be true to yourself because no tough time, personal challenge or environmental element can ever take your sense of self and humanity away - that is your choice and yours alone to identify, keep and grow when you focus on these core thoughts.

By Julianna Suranyi

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