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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Build Confidence and Mental Strength

How confident do you feel in your own capacity for mental strength? Do you believe in coincidence and randomness or are you a believer in fate? We each have our own opinions about this topic, based of course on our own experiences. It has to be said however that even the way in which we experience life, or indeed the events which we encounter, are in fact shaped by our outlook and expectations.

Hence if you believe that certain things happen due to pure coincidence, they will then appear to do so; you will experience the happenings in your life with that expectation and therefore this is what you will see. On the other hand, if your belief is based upon events being a matter of fate, then fateful happenings will seem to come your way. 

This begs the question of whether or not these happenings are really "fate" or simply a reflection of the innate power of your own mind. As a very simple demonstration of this phenomenon, can you identify with a situation whereby you would like to buy a new car, or perhaps a particular style of shoe, and suddenly, lo and behold, you just keep seeing exactly that type of car or shoe no matter where you go? A friend was telling me how she would love to buy a mini cooper and, in the same breath, how there were mini coopers everywhere...

I will not deny that I am a staunch believer in both fate and the power of your own mind in whatever way they are intertwined. I was reminded of this only yesterday, when a client asked a simple question about the sequence in which he should listen to some confidence building recordings which he had purchased. My immediate response was that he should work through them in the same order in which he had placed them in his shopping cart. I added a comment about my own disbelief in "randomness" and the importance of trusting your own instincts.

His reply conveyed his agreement and understanding of what I was saying. A couple of emails later, in which I had also referred to the writings of Neale Donald Walsh, and our exchange was over; well, almost over. Moments later, an email popped onto my screen, the title of which was "Nothing Happens by Accident..and the author was, of course, Neale Donald Walsh.

Some may argue that this was not fate; they might say that it was just a sequence of events which happened because I was looking out for them. I personally believe that you make your own "fate" through the power of your own mind and your ability to connect with the Universe. "Seek and ye shall find" has been written in innumerable ways, using many different words and in every language there is. There is a very good reason for this.

A very straightforward fact of life is that the more you believe in something, the more you will make it come to fruition. It inevitably follows that the more you believe in yourself the greater will be your experiences and successes in life. As you build confidence and mental strength you build your own success.

By Roseanna Leaton

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