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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Manifest the Life You Want

Have you ever known anyone that just always seems to get everything they want? They have that perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect house, etc. and they are always happy and very upbeat. You're probably saying, "Sure, I'd be happy and upbeat too if I had everything I wanted. Let's look at the other side of this coin for a moment. How many people do you know that it just seems like everything goes wrong for them? Her car was vandalized, her home was broken into, lost her cell phone, bounced a check, and broke a finger all in the same week. "Talk about a bad week" you're saying. I'd like to show you how both of these people are manifesting their reality.

There are a set of principles called the Laws of the Universe that affects each one of us every single day. You have all heard of the Law of Gravity. You are governed by this law whether you understand it or have even heard of it. The same is true with the Laws of the Universe. The first law is the Law of Attraction. This law says that what we think about we attract to us. Thoughts are like magnets. The next law is the Law of Deliberate Creation. This time we want to add emotion to our thoughts to speed up the process. The Law of Allowing is the third law I want to cover. This law says we must allow the universe to fulfill our desires. You know, "let go and let God."

These three laws make up a concept called manifesting. You decide what you want to create, you add emotion to it, and let the universe bring it to you. Can you now see how those people with the "good life" are focusing on the good and positive things they want and they receive them. The other person with all the problems is constantly telling everyone about what bad things happened yesterday. Each time she tells the story, it gives more creation power to more of the same kind of stuff.

So with that in mind, let's consider the possibility of manifesting the life, career, partner, etc. that we desire. Even if you know these principles how do you keep from reverting back to what you normally do? It is a process of controlling what we think about. Here are some examples. If you find yourself thinking about how tired you will feel tomorrow because you are going to bed, you can bet that's how you'll feel. If you are dreading the drive to work because of all the traffic, chances are there will be lots of traffic accidents, stalls, etc. To control our thoughts we sometimes just need to trick ourselves. Let's go back to the situation where you are going to bed late, how about telling yourself that tomorrow you are going to feel great because your body requires less sleep than it used to? It sounds silly but it works! It's all a mindset.

We have all heard about goal setting but few people talk about manifesting the life you want. Remember this, thoughts are like magnets.

Let's create lives full of health, wealth, and vitality.

By Karen Kelley

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