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Friday, December 8, 2017

How Prepared Are You to Achieve Your Goal?

We all set goals, and we usually only set the goals that we want to achieve. Setting goals is one thing... achieving them is something else!
Each day, and sometimes several times each day, I make goals and I hear others make goals. We tend to think about what we want to do, what we want to achieve and accomplish and often we express our intention to others.

Making plans to achieve things... is part of human nature. An interesting question, however, is: "How much do you really want to achieve your goals?"

Setting goals is one thing... achieving them is quite another.
How often have you been totally determined when you have set your goal? Whether it be to lose weight, to start writing your book, to find another job, to give up smoking, take up golf lessons, go on that holiday you've been threatening to go on...

How often is your determination to achieve your goal incredibly powerful at the beginning... you start all fired up raring to go... and for a couple of days you are on target! Great!

Then... life around you happens. Things take you away from your goal... distractions and temptations get in your way... negative self talk starts dominating your thinking... doubt about your ability to actually achieve this goal reigns supreme...

And then you make all kinds of excuses e.g. "I haven't got enough money to do that", "I've got all these bills", "someone just made me a chocolate cake and it would be rude to refuse it", "I'm stressed so I can't focus on my goal right now"... excuse, after excuse! They might be illegitimate... (I'll let you into a little secret: we always can justify our excuses for not following through with something!!!)

And you return to your life the way it was before you decided to achieve this goal.

Does this happen to you on a regular basis? Sometimes it does to me... and it isn't very pleasant!

What I need to ask myself, and so do you, when you are setting goals is "How serious am I? How much do I really, truly want this goal?"

In other words... if you are truly honest with yourself... are you really serious about achieving this goal? Would you go to any ends... which may mean not eating that chocolate cake, it may mean throwing out a full packet of cigarettes, spending less time watching TV and more time doing exercise, getting a second job... to achieve your goal.

Would you be focused and determined enough not to bring out excuses? Not to give in to temptation? Would you be focused and determined enough to quieten your negative self talk? To positively affirm that yes you can and will achieve this?

In all seriousness, when you want to achieve a goal, it often requires sacrifice, persistence, determination, and courage to stick with it until the goal is achieved.

And that can be difficult at times!
Are you prepared to be focused... and are you prepared to achieve your goal...NO MATTER WHAT!!???

If not, that's ok... it is only wishful thinking that you would like to achieve your goal rather than it being a must in your life. And that's completely fine... your life will remain the same as it was. No change. Is that what you want?


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