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Monday, November 13, 2017

Build Your Confidence By Changing Your Focus

Individuals sometimes look at confident people with feelings of awe and envy because they believe they are born with confidence. Others want to be like the confident individual since confidence is evident in everything they do and the way they act.

For those of us who want to improve their level of confidence there is good news; we are not born with a specific, unchangeable amount of confidence. Confidence is something that we can build up within ourselves, however, if we are not careful then actions and influences can result in our confidence evaporating.

Our confidence is increased when we achieve feats and when we receive support from individuals close to us. Confidence can be destroyed if we are attacked by others close to us, resulting in our being unsure of who we are.

Those who suffer from a lack of confidence will often find themselves feeling like they aren't worth much and they often can't find the right direction in their life. To reverse these feeling and start feeling more confident all a person needs to do is change their behaviours to be more positive and self-affirming.

The first thing you should always keep in mind when trying to change your behavior is that your individual personality is separate from your actions. You shouldn't feel that your individual personality is a reflection of your mistakes.

Before you undertake any task you can build up your confidence by mentally preparing yourself for success. To do this you should tell yourself that you have something beneficial to contribute to others around you. Don't ignore your feelings, particularly when they are linked to past events or mistakes you have made, rather consider those mistakes and the feelings they generate and learn from them when making your next decision.

If you are feeling unhappy or your confidence level is low then remember to focus on the positive things you can change. This will help bring your confidence level back up again. There are many negative events and behaviours in your life that you can change for the better.

You can create a more positive future by reflecting on your past mistakes, accepting and learning from them, and deciding how you would tackle the same circumstances again. You can learn and grow from the events that cause your confidence levels to drop reducing the risk of the same result happening again.

You can easily improve your confidence levels if understand that a lack of confidence is frequently the result of a fear of failure. Take chances and don't let fear get in the way of accomplishing something wonderful, otherwise failure is the only likely outcome. By understanding your fears and taking risks you will enjoy something wonderful and increase your confidence levels at the same time.

Calculate risk wisely before taking it. While you don't want to pass up a great opportunity you also don't want to take a risk that is too great. When possible push yourself to a limit and just beyond so that when you succeed you know you have been successful despite your fears boosting your self image and improving your self confidence.


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