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Monday, October 9, 2017

When Your Reasons Why Are Bigger Than Your Excuses, You Will Make Progress Toward Your Goal

A lot of times, people are a lot better at coming up with excuses for not accomplishing things than for coming up with ideas to achieve their goals.

How about you?
(let that question sit for a while, and answer it honestly)

Whether this applies to you, or not, here's something to think about, and to internalize into your subconscious mind.


When your reasons why are bigger than your excuses, you will make progress toward your goal.


"What do I mean by that?" you ask.

It's simply this...

You've got to come up with all the reasons why you should accomplish something and focus on those positive reasons, rather than dwell on the negative excuses that are holding you back.

There's something very interesting about your subconscious mind (which is much more powerful than your conscious logical mind).

Your subconscious mind will work on achieveing WHATEVER you give it to work on.

If you give it excuses and negative thoughts, it immediately believes this is what you want and it works on making your wishes come true.

If you give it great positive reasons why you want to achieve a specific goal, it will immediately take you at your word and begin working toward that goal. And it will keep working on that goal until instructed to do otherwise.

(and "otherwise" means those negative excuses snuck back into your thinking)

You see, the choice is yours.

Feed your subconscious carefully.

Whether you feed it positive or negative thoughts, it works incessantly on getting you the results it believes you want, the thoughts that you plant into it.

So take just one minute, right now, and get out that paper and pen.

Write down something that you want.

And write down all the reasons why you should have it and who it would benefit (you and specific others).

Once you do this, you've imprinted your positive thoughts on your subconscious mind forever.

Don't write out your excuses, they will pop into your head much too easily on their own.

Just focus on your positive reasons why and write those down to internalize them into your mind.

And then --

Take action on those reasons why right now.

Do something.

Take one small step and experience how good it feels to move forward toward your goal, without worrying about excuses or other roadblocks.

(did you do what I've just told you to do?)

No?... why not? -- (fill in your excuse here)

Yes?... congratulations -- you just got RESULTS!

Author: Mark Hendricks

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