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Sunday, October 8, 2017

What Are the 5 Keys to Job Satisfaction?

What are the keys to job satisfaction? You spend so much time at work that job satisfaction must be a determining factor of your happiness outside work too. After one, one will affect the other. If you are not very satisfied with your job, you are in all possibility, at least one third unhappy with your life, since you spend eight hours of your day at work.
What are some factors you can change in the keys to job satisfaction so you can see some form of positive results?

In the 1950s, motivation researcher Frederick Herzbergtheorizes that there are 5 "satisfiers" for job satisfaction. He called these "motivators" or "satisfiers". The 5 keys to job satisfaction are – the work itself, achievement, recognition, responsibility and advancement.

So, knowing these how can you increase job satisfaction as an employee? Understandably, your employer will have some form of say in this, but there are things you can do to make things better for yourself.

1. The Work Itself How can you make the work meaningful? Just because you are an assembly line worker does not mean the work you do is not meaningful. We do not have to be lawyers or doctors to feel our work is meaningful. How is your task essential in the whole process that makes a certain product or makes a certain service possible? At work, you are part of a team. Everyone makes a meaningful contribution that makes a product and service becomes saleable. Do you know what your contribution is in the whole process? Find out. It will make your work more meaningful to you.

2. A Sense of Achievement Having a sense of achievement is one of the five keys to job satisfaction. In motivational theories, we all want to be the best we can be. To have a sense of achievement, you must know and be challenged. The challenges before you must be practical. That means they are challenging enough to be achievable but not so impossible that it overwhelms you. Set goals and targets for yourself. Discuss them with your bosses. They will appreciate the fact that you took the initiative to speak to them about the goals and challenges you set for yourself.

3. Be Recognized One of the keys to job satisfaction is the feeling of fulfillment. That feeling of fulfillment can only come when we feel we have had a meaningful contribution and appreciation. Both must be present before we feel fulfilled. Being recognized is one way we can feel a sense that our contribution has been appreciated. How do you do this? It does not mean a company must have and can only have formal ways of recognizing such efforts. You can take the initiative to start celebrating small wins. Discuss this with your boss. This can be department specific celebrations. It can even be a simple email from the boss. These are all forms of recognition that can increase job satisfaction.

4. Take Responsibility Take ownership of the things that you do. You will feel motivated when you know you are responsible for the work that you are doing. With it, discuss with your boss the kind of freedom and authority you have over your project. What is it you can do, and decide on and what is it that you cannot.

5. Opportunity for Advancement Finally, one of the keys to job satisfaction is the opportunity for advancement. There must be positions within the company that allows you to move forward. Advancement does not just mean promotion. Advancement can also mean the opportunity to learn new skills and qualification. You can always discus with your managers what are some of the courses your company can send you to.

These are the keys to job satisfaction. While these are some things that the company has more responsibility, you as an employee can always look for the right forum to discuss it with your managers. It does not just increase your job satisfaction but that of your colleagues as well.


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