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Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Many Different Kinds Of Personal Success

As the old adage goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While this saying usually refers to people’s material possessions, it can very well apply to the concept of personal success as well. How one person perceives success may not be the same as how his neighbor perceives it. To be happy and content is a truly subjective matter. 

Indeed, there is no limit to the kinds of success there are out there. Below are a mere five of these kinds for you to ponder on:

1.Personal Success is about HealthFor some people, to be happy and content means to have a healthy existence. You may not necessarily be the strongest person on the block, but as long as you are free of any dreaded diseases, or can perform most physical exercises just fine, you may consider yourself to be in a good place. This kind of success holds especially true for the elderly; the older you get, the more your physical health becomes the be-all and end-all. After all, your twilight years are best lived to the hilt, and you can’t do that if you’re incapacitated.

2.Personal Success is about FamilyIf you’re more of a traditional kind of person, then to be happy and content means to be surrounded by your own flesh and blood. A lot of people these days end up living away from their families by choice, but there are some people who consider proximity to their families an absolute must for their happiness and success. This kind of success can also mean having a happy and healthy family of your own, too. Whatever the case, it’s all about having your kin around at all times.

3.Personal Success is about MoneyThe saying that money can’t buy happiness may seem universal, but in truth, there really are some people who can’t consider themselves happy and content unless they’re rolling in dough. To each his own, right? There just really are some people who’ve built their lives around amassing as much financial wealth as possible, and we can’t blame them for linking their wealth to their happiness and contentment. As much as possible, though, try not to be as materialistic as these kinds of people.

4.Personal Success is about KnowledgeSome people consider themselves happy and content once they have amassed enough knowledge through the years. You don’t necessarily have to be a true blue academic to think this way, of course. Even just being able to learn as much as you can from the immediate world around you can be pleasure enough. Suffice to say that the people who consider knowledge success can attain their goals far easier than some other people, as knowledge can be had anytime and anywhere in this Information Age.

5.Personal Success is about FreedomThis kind of success is for people who have been chained down a lot by tradition and authority all their lives. If you’re the type who’s been smothered by their parents, or trapped by their dead-end jobs, or hindered by some sort of disability, then freedom is definitely what can make you truly happy and content in life. It may not be an easy journey towards your goals, but rest assured that once you’ve attained them, the world will become absolutely wonderful.

Success can be found in countless aspects of life, and it’s really up to you to figure out what kind of success is up your alley. Once you pin that down, you can start working your way towards that particular goal. It may not be that easy at times, but the pay-off will most definitely be worth it.

Author:Clarice Garcia

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