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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

5 Mantras Of Positive Thinking

If you are constantly blaming others for everything wrong in your personal and professional life, if you are feeling low and depressed for a long period of time, if you don’t look forward to anything; then it is time to take a hard look at your own attitude and make a conscious effort towards changing it.
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Negative thinking drains the joy out of everything you do
Negative attitude stems from negative thoughts and it can be very harmful if this habit is continued for a long period of time. Negative thinking drains the joy out of everything you do. The same job, which may seem drab and dreary to you if you are thinking negative, will turn satisfying and encouraging if you look upon it as an opportunity for doing something or learning something new. Here are 5 mantras to help you develop the habit of positive thinking:

Seek the company of positive people
The first and the easiest thing that you can do to develop positing thinking is to spend time with the people who think positive. Just as a smile elicits a reciprocal smile, positive thinking too is contagious. People who look up the brighter side of life even in the midst of odds, make other around them think positive about themselves.

If you stay with negative people they will only push you into more negativity. Instead try and always surround yourself with helpful, strong, confident people who encourage you and help you see things in a positive way. 
Speak and think positive words

Whether you are thinking or conversing with others, always use positive words. Instead of saying �I can’t', say words such as �I can’, �It is possible’, �I am able’ and so on. While conversing, use words that evoke feelings of joy, strength and success. Whenever you feel like giving up, repeat it to yourself that you can do it. You will be amazed to find how much strength you can draw from your positive thoughts.

However thinking or repeating positive words for a few minutes in a day is not enough. You have to consciously make it your habit to always use positive words and refrain from anything negative.

Control your thoughts
Negative thoughts can sometimes come flooding in and drown you in negativity. They are not easily swept away either. You have to work towards turning your negative thinking into positive thoughts. Whenever a negative thought begins to develop in your mind, dump it and instead substitute the depressing, doubtful thoughts with good, confident thoughts. Don’t let your emotions rule you. Instead you rule your mind and thoughts.

Change your lifestyle
Exercise regularly and eat good, healthy food. All these things will also make you feel and think good. Watch a good movie which makes you feel happy. Enroll yourself in dance or music classes, learn swimming, read good books and do things that make you feel good. Cook something special if cooking is something that makes you happy.

Moreover, bring about a little change in your home as well. De-clutter your surroundings. Dump all the unnecessary things which you don’t need anymore into the trash bin. Clean up the house and rearrange things, such as shifting the furniture around or reorganizing the closet. And surround yourself with beautiful things such as a photo frame of your family, colorful potted plants or flowers, and whatever you like.

Watch motivational videos
In addition, watch some motivational videos which inspire you to think positive. There are various websites which boast of an impressive collection of inspirational quotes and video messages which offer success secrets of brightest of minds . In fact, make it a point to daily watch a motivational video which inspire you to face life’s challenges powerfully, assist in your personal development and encourage you to stay positive always.

You can even become a member of Wisie.com and receive daily inspirational videos on positive thinking, relationship advice, parenting advice and success secrets. Inspirational videos with the motivational messages will keep you motivated towards your intents and help you realize your dreams. 

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Author:Noah Brown

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