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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Creating Success Begins With You

Can you possibly imagine yourself without goals? Not even very short term goals, like presenting that financial statement after lunch? Or maybe submitting that daily accomplishment report at the end of the day?
Without goals, our lives have no direction. It resembles a piece of driftwood floating in the ocean, going where the current goes and where the wind blows. If you live such a life, will you be able to achieve success, even a seemingly insignificant accomplishment? Are you willing to live life this way - simply going with the flow with no clear -destination in mind?

You know you have to take action and do something now or are you going to take the chance of creating success pass you by, again?

Success stands for different things for each individual. Your concept of success may be finishing a doctorate degree; another person will say she achieved success if she loses those excess pounds and achieve her ideal weight, still someone else may declare that his idea of success is paying off his debts and acquiring financial security in these troubled times. One thing, however, is common in all these scenarios - the key to success begins with you.

You are the only one who holds the key. Your family and friends may help you achieve whatever your aspirations may be. You may use amazing goal setting tools and apply effective goal achieving techniques but it will still go down to you. There are too many questions and by looking deep inside yourself and really contemplate on these issues, you will find the answers.

The first step to success is to reconcile yourself with your issues, compromising and finding balance. When you have found peace of mind and harmony within yourself, you are ready to take on any challenge life may bring.

Another thing you should remember is to never underestimate the power of positive thinking. The sheer power of your thoughts will be your catalyst to achieving success. A healthy dose of optimism never hurt anybody and surely not you and your goals. And don’t forget to maintain your drive, enthusiasm and motivation all throughout.

You should also associate yourself with like-minded, successful people and learn from them. Learning is a continuous process; at first you may seem not to know what you’re doing but slowly by observing successful people and learning form your own mistakes, you will get the hang of it and sooner that you know achieving success will come naturally and with less effort.

To achieve success you need to have a fit and healthy body. Success will be a hard to get hold of if you constantly fall off the success wagon because your body can’t keep up. When you are striving hard for success, stress and pressure are given factors and you have to manage them effectively. You should also provide yourself with the right nutrition to make sure you are fueled to take your game to the next level.
Creating success begins with you - your mind and body. Be an optimist - cultivate positive thinking, and sustain your enthusiasm and motivation. Be healthy - eat right and lead an active lifestyle.

Author: Carmelle Smith

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