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Monday, August 21, 2017

Breaking the Cycle of Mistakes

Realizing that when we repeat our mistakes, there is an underlying weakness involved. To break the cycle, we must discover our weaknesses.
It is an undeniable truth that we often create our own problems. We make the wrong choices. We suffer from the consequences of impulsive decisions. We lament the judgment calls we make when we let our emotions have free rein.

When the end result of our decision displeases us, that’s when we come to the conclusion that we have made a mistake. We then try to rectify what inevitably follows. But most of the time, we live to regret it. We have to survive the aftermath of our errors.

But the greater folly of it is that we often repeat our mistakes. This is because the weaknesses that spawned them remain the same. Our needs no matter how seemingly irrational or ridiculous do not change. It is usually the case that whatever emotional needs we lack tend to affect us throughout our lives. And these transform into our weaknesses.

Whether it is a lack of attention or not having someone to depend on or a broken trust, it will control our actions without us knowing it. And each time we are faced with a situation that brings forth our weakness, we will predictably fall victim to it. Thus, our mistakes repeat themselves over and over.

Unless we become aware that the reason for our mistakes is an underlying personal frailty, we are bound to commit them again and again. Therefore, the first step is to ask ourselves why we keep doing the things that are liable to harm us in the end. What needs do they satisfy? And what are the origins of these unsatisfied needs? Once we answer these questions, we will be able to recognize our weaknesses and avoid situations that cause us to exhibit them. In so doing, will we be able to cease the cycle of repetitive suffering and claim with finality that we have learned once and for all from our mistakes.

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